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Fleury, Delphine
PositionACPFG Genetics Leader
Program Leader Drought genetics
Phone+61 8 8313 2814
Research Interests

As the Genetics leader, Dr Delphine Fleury coordinates the use and construction of genetic material for ACPFG. She also leads the genetics programme aiming to improve yield in low-rainfall environments in wheat and barley. She is co-investigator of the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for genetic diversity and molecular breeding for wheat in a hot and dry climate (IH130200027) (from 2015-2020).


Dr Delphine Fleury joined the ACPFG in 2006 after working on sunflower in ENSAT (Toulouse, France) for two breeding companies (Maisadour and Caussade semences), and on Arabidopsis at the Department of Plant Systems Biology (VIB, Ghent, Belgium). In 2006-2009, Delphine had a project on comparative genomics in wheat and barley associated to EU TriticeaeGenome project. In 2010, she started to work on crops drought tolerance and became partner on the DROPS European FP7 project on drought-tolerant yielding plants (2009-2015). In 2012-2013, Delphine also worked as a consultant for Generation Challenge Program located at CIMMYT on the Integrated Breeding Platform.


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