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Pallotta, Margie
PositionHigher Education Officer Level 7
Phone+61 8 8313 7171
Research Interests

Margie is currently working on gene discovery projects in the hybrid wheat research area as well as genetic characterisation of sources of resistance to late maturity alpha amylase in wheat. More broadly, she is interested in genetic variation, adaptation and impediments to recombination in cereal crops.


Margie has an undergraduate degree in Science (University of Adelaide). She commenced work at The University of Adelaide working on cereal cytogenetics projects as well as wheat/rye hybrid production and triticale breeding. She moved to Canberra to work at CSIRO Plant Industry investigating the nature of somaclonal variation in wheat. After a return to Adelaide, Margie worked with several groups on trait mapping in cereals, and development of molecular markers for deployment in breeding programs. Margie joined ACPFG in 2004 and has worked on numerous gene analysis projects as well as characterisation of a barley transposon-tagged population and, more recently, understanding the genetic basis for boron toxicity tolerance in wheat.


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Boersma JG, Pallotta MA, Li C, Buirchell BJ, Sivasithamparam K and Yang H (2005). Construction of a genetic linkage map using MFLP, and identification of molecular markers linked to domestication genes in narrow-leafed lupins (Lupinus angustifolius L.). Cell and Molecularl Biology Letters 10: 331-344.

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