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Hayes, Julie
PositionResearch Associate
Phone+61 8 8313 1499
Research Interests

Julie recently joined a small team at ACPFG investigating genetic differences in the relationship between grain yield and grain protein (nitrogen) concentration in wheat. More broadly, she is interested in connecting physiological and genetic aspects of nutrient efficiency and nutrition-related stresses in plants.


Julie has an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Science (University of Melbourne). She completed her PhD research at CSIRO Plant Industry in Canberra, investigating the ability of pasture species to obtain phosphorus from phytate, a major organic form of soil phosphorus. Her first post-doctoral position was in Japan where she studied mechanisms of aluminium tolerance in cereals. Julie worked with Prof. Rob Reid at the University of Adelaide for four years before joining ACPFG in 2004. She has had a long involvement in boron toxicity tolerance research at the Centre.


Hayes JE, Pallotta M, Garcia M, Oz MT, Rongala J and Sutton T (In Press) Diversity in boron toxicity tolerance of Australian barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) genotypes. BMC Plant Biology doi:10.1186/s12870-015-0607-1

Pallotta M, Schnurbusch T, Hayes J, Hay A, Baumann U, Paull J, Langridge P and Sutton T (2014) Molecular basis of adaptation to high soil boron in wheat landraces and elite cultivars. Nature 514: 88-91.

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Hayes J, Pallotta M, Baumann U, Berger B, Langridge P and Sutton T (2013). Germanium as a tool to dissect boron toxicity effects in barley and wheat. Functional Plant Biology 40: 618-627.

Shavrukov Y, Bovill J, Afzal I, Hayes JE, Roy SJ, Tester M and Collins NC (2013). HVP10 encoding V-PPase is a prime candidate for the barley HvNax3 sodium exclusion gene: evidence from fine mapping and expression analysis. Planta 237: 1111-1122.

Shavukov Y, Genc Y and Hayes J (2012). The use of hydroponics in abiotic stress tolerance research. DOI: 10.5772/35206 In Hydroponics: A Standard Methodology for Plant Biological Researches (ed.: T Asao). InTech International Publisher.

Schnurbusch T, Hayes J and Sutton T (2010). Boron toxicity tolerance in wheat and barley: Australian perspectives. Breeding Science 60: 297-304.

Schnurbusch T*, Hayes J*, Hrmova M, Baumann U, Ramesh SA, Tyerman SD, Langridge P and Sutton T (2010). Boron toxicity tolerance in barley through reduced expression of the multifunctional aquaporin HvNIP2;1. Plant Physiology 153: 1706-1715.

*equal author contribution to this publication

Sutton T, Baumann U, Hayes J, Collins NC, Shi B-J, Schnurbusch T, Hay A, Mayo G, Pallotta M, Tester M and Langridge P (2007).  Boron-toxicity tolerance in barley arising from efflux transporter amplification.  Science 318: 1446-1449. 


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