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Melino, Vanessa
PositionPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Research Interests

Dr Melino is interested in understanding how plants acquire nitrogen and assimilate that nitrogen metabolically to produce biomass. In particular she is interested in understanding why nitrogen uptake by wheat is highly inefficient. She has therefore been studying whether some wheat genotypes have a more effective root network or more effective root nitrate transporters than others. Dr Melino is further interested in understanding why symbiosis between legumes and root nodule bacteria, for the purpose of acquiring nitrogen, becomes ineffective over time. This includes looking at the morphology of legume root nodules and the genome of occupying root nodule bacteria. The ultimate aim of all of these projects is to identify plant traits that can be used to breed varieties with improved nutrition and yield.


Vanessa completed her PhD at the University of Adelaide in 2009 where she studied the role of Vitamin C as a precursor to the organic acids that control wine acidity in the berries of grapevines. She then completed her first postdoctoral position at Murdoch University (Western Australia) on the interactions between nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria and legumes. Vanessa joined ACPFG in December 2012 as a team supervisor on the Nitrogen Use Efficiency transgenic wheat Dupont-Pioneer program. She also investigates genetic diversity for root traits and nitrate transport in wheat, and more recently, the role of small metabolites in regulating nitrogen use efficiency in drought environments.


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